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YouTube SEO Keyword Planning for Niche

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I am Hamza Arif from telecom academy, Welcome to YouTube SEO 2017 in previous tutorial we discussed that How to select Niche for YouTube Earning. In this tutorial I will give you YouTube SEO tips we will use some YouTube SEO tool and discuss that how we can pick keyword related to our Niche. In last tutorial we select Cricket and then we select Cricket Six’s and in this tutorial I will show you I will download video’s from YouTube and then upload them to YouTube and monetize them. Keyword SEO is most important part to rank your website or YouTube video’s, you can use keyword SEO for that purpose. After that you can check your site SEO with keyword SEO research. There is many Keyword SEO tool free. If you follow all of those step for YouTube Ranking you will definitely rank your videos I will help you and keyword SEO best practices to rank your videos.
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