Does Page Speed Affect SEO?

Page speed is a factor in customer conversions, and at least one aspect of page speed is thought to be a factor in search rankings. Google wants your website to load at least as fast as your competitors websites. Your customers expect your website to load in about three

Using 301 Redirects for SEO

301 redirects are useful when you change URLs (web addresses) on your site, change platforms of your website, switch from HTTP to HTTPS, or otherwise make changes to your URL structure. 301 redirects tell web browsers that a web address has permanently moved. By having 301 redirects in place,

Include Page Keyword in Title Tag and H1 for SEO

Quick SEO tip. You probably already know that you should be focusing each page on a specific keyword phrase in order to make it rank. What you might not know is that you should ALWAYS include that keyword phrase in both your Title Tag and the H1 tag on

5 Tips To Improve Your Manufacturing SEO

We look at five ways you can improve the SEO for your manufacturing website. 1. Invest in design and user experience (is it mobile friendly? Are things easy to find? Does the site load quickly? Would you buy from a site that looks like this?) 2. Have informational pages, and not