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6 thoughts on “Shopify SEO in 60 Seconds

  1. hi Matt really enjoy watching your videos straight to the point no bs , your driving my dream car is it really possible to get a car like that from doing fba arbitrage?

    1. Hi John, absolutely it is! I’m not saying it would be easy or a slam dunk but yes… For example. Could you make £500 a week from OA? Most people will be able to achieve this with a little time and exeriences I imagine, not a crazy figure…. Payments on a car like this, about £1500 a month… So yep, if you got your FBA business doing £500 a week profit (and in Q4 who knows, it’s very possible to do this a day) then yes you could afford one 🙂 earnings disclaimer: not promising or implying any kind of income. Thanks for the comment and complement John 🙂

  2. Very precise and value packed… Thank you soo much! I was actually looking for it as I have a store that I can’t market on facebook.

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