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SEO Bangla Tutorial-2017 | Lecture-07 | Lokman Hossain

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Hello Everyone. Welcome to Lokman
Topics we covered in this video
 What is Keyword?
 What is Search Queries?
 Differences between Keyword & Search Queries
 What is the goal/purpose of keyword research?
 Types of Keywords
 Optimize Your Keyword Density
 Keyword Density calculation formula and checking tool

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About Lokman Hossain:
Hello, as a digital marketing trainer & consultant, I have a little more professional work/job experience in different MNC’s in Bangladesh. I am expertise in SEO(on page & off page),Facebook marketing(facebook boost, detail targeting), Google Analytics, Google Ad Words(keyword analysis, Google advertisement),Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing-email marketing(country based, lead generate) & YouTube marketing(channel monetization,view,video ranking) & so on. For your kind information, I am not only certified by Google (mobile, search, video, display, analytics) but also certified on Facebook(blueprint), YouTube.

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Lokman Hossain
Digital Marketing Trainer & Consultant

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