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SEO Audit For Rental Company

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1. Call Google Adwords and get GMB extension line and ask for manual verification
2. For the two location citations, you want separate citations as well as landing pages
3. Different local schema markup for each page
4. Internal link structure dialed in
5. Squarespace design dialed in
6. Get basic pages dialed in – 300 words minimum (about us, privacy policy + tos, + landing pages)
7. Fix redirect on things to do and change it to an informational based page: AKA blog + add descriptions
8. Target shoulder niches with informational based posts
9. Setup Adwords with local extensions at least for a month
10. Setup online and offline conversion tracking
11. Remarketing setup Analytics
12. We want to diversify our title tags and keyword targeting for different pages
13. Get rid of your “your optimized title” on pages
14. Could use image compression on site for page speed optimization
15. Figure out review strategy once GMB in is in place
16. Would be a good idea to use testimonials to increase conversion rates
17. For informational based posts (you target either your location, your keyword (semantics), or both.


1. Get GMB locations claimed and optimized (images with correct file URL’s of inside and outside, team members, services / responding to reviews, + adding sub categories) (and billed citations to them with
2. Figure out site structure (internal linking, content strategy, informational based posts, and topical seeding + clusters looks like)
3. Setup online and offline conversion tracking
4. Get the square space design dialed in
5. Figure out review strategy for GMB pages when dialed in
6. Setup different local schema markup
7. Local extensions Adwords
8. Would be a good idea to use testimonials to increase conversion rates
9. Video might be a really good idea for conversion rates, lowering bounce rates, etc.
10. Setting up remarking for those videos

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