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Full WordPress SEO Tutorial

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Free wordpress SEO tutorial for those who want to know how to get search traffic to their websites.

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11 thoughts on “Full WordPress SEO Tutorial

  1. I’m in 2 minds about backlinks. In a small experiment I did – two new sites with similar quality content. One had backlinks and social signals and the other did not. The one with backlinks began to rank, the one without did not. I appreciate that there may be other on-page factors involved here. Backlinks seem to be a way to rank quicker but not necessarily better. Many of the other ranking factors such as page load time – are to do with user experience, which in turn improves SEO. I don’t believe Google rewards fast sites as much as it penalises slow sites. Those are just my observations.. really enjoying these videos – packed full of info which is more useful than some paid courses I’ve seen ^_^

  2. lads that’s just great stuff thanks…….but here’s one for you I don’t know if you’ve had this question yet
    I very dyslectic I’ve never read a book in my life so I might miss some spelling or grammar in my blogs, so is this going to be a stumbling block I’m afraid I might give people I lack confidence in me ( the luck of the Irish might not work for me here ) all the best ……………. cead mile failte………….

    1. Good question. I frankly don’t know for sure how Google tests this, but I do absolutely think it could hurt your ability to make readers find your content authoritative and helpful. Simple fix! Get a friend or a spouse to proof-read before publishing. Don’t let this be an excuse to hold you back. You got this.

  3. I like the thank you boys for creating your income school course (I am a member) and for uploading these priceless videos. You videos are so clear and informative. This was my real reason I joined income school. I really wish you had a private facebook group so members could talk ideas with each other who are in income school. I am sure one will be created one day. And about this video you have just uploaded. One word, the best SEO video on Youtube. You both are amazing people to break the mold and tell people the truth. Keep making videos that are helpful. Rob.

    1. It’s a good suggestion. Definitely something we should consider. Especially because it would be easy and free…

    2. Thanks Rob. We’ve done the private Facebook group thing before. It was active for a little while but didn’t stay active. Maybe if we open it up to all students, past and present, it’ll be better. Definitely something for us to mull over. Thanks for the suggestion and for the praise. We’re really doing our best to be helpful to as many people as possible.

  4. Hi guys. Sorry if this is not the correct place to ask this, but I’ve been following all your free advice thus far and to be honest it’s way more valuable than any other paid info out there!

    One question regarding the X-theme. How often do you guys use the cornerstone interface? I mean, I created posts in the normal customizer with the intention of using cornerstone at some point. However, I noticed that the one overrides the other so I would just like your insights as to whether I should bother learning how to use cornerstone properly and implement it throughout my entire site or is there no significant added value with using cornerstone?

    Thank you for everything so far!

    1. Hi Mohamed. You’re right that using Cornerstone overwrites what you did in the Text/Visual editor. It’s not that the content is gone. You can still get to it. But only one or the other will appear on your live site, not both. And what you did on the text editor doesn’t get pulled into Cornerstone.

      I use cornerstone only when I want to build a highly visual webpage. A resources page or a sales page might fit that description. For posts, I don’t use it all. And even on pages where I want to incorporate some of the cool X Theme features, I just use the shortcodes that you can find on Themeco’s demos pages. Everything available in Cornerstone can be added using shortcodes in the regular text/visual editor. That’s the approach I usually take.


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